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Reading Practice #5 (JLPT N5): 私の一番好きテレビゲーム

The following is an excerpt from my diary that I use to practice writing Japanese. Some of the grammar is new to me in this practice exercise. Nevertheless, I hope it will serve as good reading practice for other Japanese language learners.





English Translation

Super Mario Bros. 3 was my favourite video game when I was a boy. Nintendo made this game in 1990. It was a fun and very popular game. All my friends had it.

Super Mario Bros. 3 makes me happy, so I still play this game from time to time. I really want to tomorrow. It's easier now than when I was a boy, and I can finish without dying many times. When I was a boy, my favourite part was riding on the boat in World 3. It still is now.

I like green better than red, so I think Luigi is better than Mario. Also, Luigi can jump higher than Mario in other games.

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